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Shoot of the Month: not just any Ferrari 🐴

Back at it again. I’ll be honest: after launching the book, I needed a bit of a break from shooting cars. Doing 50 cars in a row is challenging and gets the adrenaline flowing, but also takes a toll on creativity and enjoyment after a while.

Forza Ferrari!

Ferrari just won Le Mans with their Hypercar! Congratulations! To celebrate, I picked another iconic Ferrari: the Enzo. Shot for my book Supercars, this beauty is privately owned by a Belgian collector.

Visiting Bellini Nautica

Early January I received an email from Bellini Nautica: they explained that they were a restorer of vintage Riva yachts in Italy, and enquired if I would be interested in a creative partnership (I had to read it twice).

Visiting Maranello – 33 years later.

My first ever exposure to Ferrari was around 1990 when I received a small remote-controlled F40. Over the years more and more scale models followed (I still have them all – my favourite being the F50), in addition to posters, hats and other typical childhood gubbins (I just texted my mom asking to send an old picture of me wearing my Tifosi outfit complete with red face make-up).

The Pagani adventure.

When I was 15 years old, I spent the entire Summer working at a pancake restaurant while all my friends were riding around on their bikes and going on holidays. My objective was clear: at the end of the Summer I wanted a PlayStation 2 and a copy of Gran Turismo 3.

Bentley at Autoworld

Bentley Brussels had several cars on display at the “So British!” exposition at AutoWorld, and hired me for a nocturnal shoot of them all.