Certificate of Authenticity

A lot has happened since the publication of my book SUPERCARS. The most important change has been the discovery of the exquisite yet challenging world of galleries and art exhibitions. And damn has it been fun!

Turning Objects of Desire into captivating Work of Arts
As you all know I have my signature style. I am a minimalist. And I am a perfectionist. With every shot I want to capture those Icons that I am in awe of. I want to capture with my light painting shots that perfect blend between engineering and artistry, between raw horsepower and stunning design. One day I hope to have a Lamborhgin XXXX in my garage but for now my love for supercars – that I know all of you share – is lived through my fine art photography.

So I’m excited to share a bit about the journey I’ve taken in ensuring the authenticity and value of my limited editions. As an artist passionate about delivering top-notch work, I’ve been experimenting with different mediums for my photographic prints. Additionally, I’ve realized that incorporating Certificates of Authenticity (C.O.A.) makes a significant impact, adding a distinct touch to my creations.

Signature and Master Collection
Specifically for my signature and master collection (all limited, chromaluxe editions) I’ve been exploring methods beyond traditional signing, numbering and titling. The challenge was establishing a direct link between the serial number on the certificate and the automotive print itself. And I wanted a system that truly matched the caliber of the oeuvre that I am creating.

Adding Value, One Print at a Time
Authenticity is everything. It’s not just about a signature on the corner of a print – it’s about providing collectors with a documented guarantee that what they’re getting is the real deal. That’s where the C.O.A. steps in, acting as a guardian of the artwork’s origin, edition details, and my stamp of approval. Collectors appreciate the assurance that they own a genuine piece within a specified edition, making it not just a purchase but an investment.

Tangible Symbol
I use Certificates of Authenticity by Hahnemühle for all my limited art editions. It’s not just about paperwork; it’s about providing the collector and art lover with a tangible symbol of authenticity and value. Crafted from premium materials, each certificate radiates museum-quality elegance. What sets it apart? Serialized holograms accompany each certificate, securely affixed to both the document and the artwork. Once attached, they can’t be removed without damage, ensuring an ironclad connection between the certificate and the specific piece of art it authenticates.

Online Registration
Beyond its physical attributes, I register every Certificate onto an online registry for additional protection. This comprehensive approach not only provides unique tracking and authentication but also adds an extra layer of assurance and recognition. Its widespread use by reputable galleries and artists adds credibility, making it a valuable asset that increases perceived value and assurance.

I must admit, the act of crafting a Certificate and affixing the holograms always feels like a special moment and brings a thrill to me. So that’s why I say: cheers to authenticity, value, and the magic that happens when art finds its forever home.