Why I stopped curating my Instagram feed.

January 2024 was definitely a new start in many ways, including new goals, new work methods and saying goodbye to certain practices. But I’d like to address something that has a profound impact on how I’ve been using Instagram.

Those who follow me on Instagram, know that my feed has been a strictly curated portfolio for several years now. Posting rhythm has always been rather even, consisting of three carrousels of every car I’ve shot.

But that’s going out the door, entirely. This year I will focus more and more on exhibitions, prints, galleries and social events, and my tightly-curated feed was becoming a serious limitation in the way I’d like to cover these occasions. Without fully realising it, it actually became a sub-conscious barrier in the back of my mind. Sure I was able to share my life in Stories, but they’re temporary and have less of an impact overall.

So I’ve decided: time for a change. Slowly but surely, my feed will open up to “regular” posts (meaning, pictures of me, my physical works, my expositions, and so on), including video, reels and just regular photo albums.

The reasoning behind the curated feed was simple: I wanted to gain more followers by showing them a consistent, attractive feed. However, I think the way we all use Instagram has changed through the years, and somehow we’re not that influenced by how a feed looks anymore. I’m happy with my followers, and don’t care all that much about the count anymore. Quality over quantity.

By giving more insight into my daily activities, I think the overall quality of my account will actually improve, as opposed to a static look-book that largely resembles my portfolio website anyway.

Let me know what you think. Is your feed curated? Is it a bother?