Being a car nut

Yep, I annoyed my girlfriend again this afternoon. All because I printed a new edit of my well-known Lamborghini Countach shot on my new Epson printer and couldn’t contain my excitement to share (just typing this revs me up again).

I can’t help it; I don’t call myself a car nut but my GF (disappointing) attitude towards my car stories shows that it’s pretty clear-cut – either you’re in or you’re out.

I have to admit, any hope of turning my girlfriend into a car enthusiast is fading fast – even though it doesn’t stop me from sharing my passion with her (evil smile). Either the sound of a tuned engine tapping up gets your blood flowing or it doesn’t, the smell of burnt methylene excites you or it doesn’t, if you go nuts for a duel supercharged V8, you are there, if you don’t know the difference between a turbocharged engine and a supercharged engine, you missed the mark.

If you don’t know who Gandini is, go back home. Can you tell me what a push button shift is, what is meant by heel-toeing? What was the distinction between a 512 TR and a 512 M? What year was the first year for the M1? Do you know when the first water cooled flat six was put in a 911? What is the difference between a V12 and a boxer? Girlfriend doesn’t know, and just mentioning an Aventador makes her roll her eyes (unbeknownst to her, she actually drove one last year).

At three, I was under a car pointing and asking “what’s that.” By five, I was on a step ladder, ready to hit the road with my uncle and his M3. At seven, I owned a set of Ferrari peejays and bed sheet sets and dreamed of visiting Maranello. At 12, I already spent my allowance on a 10 piece collection of Lamborghini and Ferrari models, as well as all the Need For Speed games. At 30, I ditched the corporate world for a career fueled by passion. I eat, drink, and breathe cars. When I sleep, I dream about cars. Maybe you’re not as extreme as me, but at 38, cars and photography stuff are my main outlets.

Cars are my lifestyle – they’ve been a major part of my life for the last 30 years. You’re either a car enthusiast or you’re not. So, if you dig looking at cars, listening to cars, talking about cars, and reading about cars, you’re a car nut. You can’t train yourself or someone else to love them (believe me, I tried with my GF). Dear fellow car nuts, gearheads come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, we all share the same obsession – a love for good looking cars. Thanks for reading my newsletters, liking my IG posts, and snagging my fine art prints. Keep the engine revving, folks! 🚗💨

My beloved Countach 25th Anniversary model – which I light-painted for the occasion.

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