Shoot of the Month: not just any Ferrari 🐴

Back at it again.

I’ll be honest: after launching the book, I needed a bit of a break from shooting cars. Doing 50 cars in a row is challenging and gets the adrenaline flowing, but also takes a toll on creativity and enjoyment after a while.

Some time ago I got a call if I was interested in shooting a Ferrari Daytona SP3, the latest in Ferrari’s Icona Series. During the call I suddenly found myself excited again, and so I confirmed. I hadn’t shot it yet, and from what I had seen in pictures I absolutely loved how it looked!

I had so much fun during this shoot, which took three hours – probably one of the longest shoots I’ve done, not because it was frustrating, but because I was having a great time. Turns out the SP3 looks even better in the flesh. Here are some of my favourite images – enjoy!

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