A celebration of supercar historyby photographer Rudolf van der Ven.

Hardcover, 224 pages, beautifully designed & crafted.

Foreword by Shmee150.

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The essential piece for
any car enthusiast.

Supercars is a celebration of the world's most beautiful and iconic supercars, ranging from icons like the Ferrari F40 to modern classics such as the Bugatti Veyron.

The book includes 50 supercars from the 1970s and up, all featured through stunning photos and their personal stories.

Foreword by the one and only Tim "Shmee150" Burton!

Designed and crafted to perfection.

A glossy hardcover, 224 pages of high-quality paper and exquisite printing by Trento in Italy.

This beautiful, highly collectible piece of art is a must-have on any coffee table or book shelf.

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The journey

I'm a Belgium-based car photographer, focused on high-end classics and supercars. While embarking on a journey to shoot my ultimate collection of 50 supercars, the idea slowly evolved into a premium coffee table book, Supercars. I'm proud to say: here it is!